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Revolutionizing chilean mining: bureau veritas implements Coldblock digestion technology in its operation

Oct. 3 2023

Bureau Veritas and ColdBlock Technologies successfully concluded a series of tests validating the accuracy and precision of ColdBlock digestion technology on a wide variety of samples from customers in the mining industry in Chile.

In an exciting step forward, Bureau Veritas is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative solution that meets the growing demand for faster results without compromising accuracy and consistency, while contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

After rigorous in-house testing of ColdBlock digestion technology, Bureau Veritas has ratified the effectiveness of these methods in improving sample throughput and reducing assay turnaround times, while maintaining the highest level of accuracy required for multi-element analysis. We are now excited to extend the benefits of this revolutionary technology to other mining and metallurgical customers in Latin America.

The process of deploying ColdBlock digestion equipment in Bureau Veritas' network of laboratories in Chile and at our clients' facilities is already underway. With this state-of-the-art technology, Bureau Veritas delivers faster assay results compared to traditional methods, without sacrificing accuracy, marking a significant milestone in the mining industry. This advancement represents a continued commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

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